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Modern Living Room


Serving Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn & Houston, TX


We will tackle your commercial space head on, relieving your workers of minuscule tasks like wiping their desk, clean bathrooms, common areas, kitchens and all high traffic areas. Our professionals will ensure a healthy and clean work environment being sure to disinfect all high touch points. For a few extra bucks we’ll refill all of your paper products, soap and sanitary dispensers.

Please call for rates

Cleaning the Hallways
Building Cleaning Service


Just like our move-in/move-out cleaning, our professionals will bring you that new home smell and feel, eliminating all dust and debris from renovations. Taking care of walls, appliances, baseboards, windows, staircases, countertops, ceiling fans and more.

We'll even get your showrooms and office spaces ready after they've been remodeled and/or renovated.

Dust and debris tends to circulate so our state of the art cleaners will get to places your construction team may have overlooked. 

Rates start at $249 for 2 cleaners

(based on 1,000 sq ft or 2 bed 2 bath)


A more tailored approach to house cleaning.

Let us know your pain points so we can ensure our trustworthy house cleaners will make your home as comfortable and tidy. Housekeeping services are best performed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Laundry and linens included.

Every housekeeping consist of a tailored plan. Pick what you want done. We'll pretty much tackle everything from dusting, mopping to laundry and chores.

Rates start at $50/hr per cleaner

Folding Ironed Clothes
Cleaning a Filter


A more detailed approach to house cleaning. We handle every crevice from
top to bottom. From baseboards to internal cabinets 

  • Everything in the Basic Cleaning package (+)

  • Internal and External Stove, Oven and Refrigerator cleaning (chosen during checkout)

  • Internal cabinet cleaning (all items must be removed)

  • Internal Window Cleaning

  • (additional services may be added on as per request such as ceiling fans vacuuming of furniture)

  • *Please note these add-ons must be chosen during checkout on the booking form or your cleaner will only know to do a basic cleaning* 


Rates start at $149 

(starting rate is based on a 1 bed 1 bath)


As if you found the home how it was built. Our cleaners will take care of everything from floor to ceiling, covering the entire surface area of the home, basements, attics, bathrooms and all the hard to reach places. 

Rates start at $149

(based on 1 bed 1 bath occupancy)

Cleaning the Dishes


The best way to leave a shine and save time. We will keep your home smelling and feeling clean. Tidy up all bedrooms, disinfect all common areas and bathrooms and ensure all surfaces and floors sparkle and shine. (basic cleaning is best when your home is pretty well maintained and just needs a quick tidy up)

  • Vacuum/Mopping

  • Countertops 

  • Dusting

  • Cleaning Air and Disinfecting

  • All surfaces 

  • (no internal appliances, window sills or baseboards) 

Rates start at $99

(based on 1 bed 1 bath - 2 hours)

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